Kamis, 21 Mei 2009

Staying in Comfort Zone vs Being Nomads

Nothing's wrong to share experience for getting a better even the best career.

Talking about COMFORT ZONE and NOMADS can bring to the ideas how to make decisions on career.

People search for lives where everything goes smoothly according to whatever they want. Unfortunately, many problems always seem to disturb their lives. They cannot avoid problems. They can only solve or minimize the problems.

That's why, when people get the opportunity to live in better ways, they will mostly have the feeling to stay on that conditions as long as they can. It is reasonable if they follow the feeling because they might not want to loose the COMFORT ZONE and rely themselves on any other unpredictable matters.

On the other hand, there are extraordinary people who can easily bring their lives to any uncertain situations. They live the same way that the NOMADS do. They are ready to move from place to place.

For those who prefer having career in one work place should try to enter the best company. Being parts of the best company can give them the chance to live in COMFORT ZONE. And for the NOMADS, it is still possible to build career although they have to reach it with special efforts.

How can people win their career? ... Wait for more articles...

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