Kamis, 12 November 2009

Can I Use Digital Signage in Industrial Areas?

Digital signage is more than just out of home advertising. There are an almost unlimited number of applications for using flat screen Televisions such as LCD and plasmas. And even in industrial applications LCD Televisions can provide a useful and adaptable method of displaying information.

LCD TVs are used in industry for all manner of applications such as displaying process results and data, key information for employees, advertising, infotainment and even general signage such as fire exits.

Using LCD or plasma screens in an industrial locale is not as straight forward as just erecting a television set. There has to be consideration put into where the screen is placed and what type of hazards and elements are present that may damage the TV or screen.

LCD TVs are not, in general, manufactured for use outside the home and they are not designed to withstand some of the elements of an industrial environment. Dust, dirt, swarf, liquids and heavy impacts are just some of the potential hazards that could damage a conventional TV device. And then there is the consideration of temperature. Many industrial areas do not have air conditioning or central heating and so temperatures can often exceed the recommended operation environment for a standard TV device.

Fortunately a simple and cost effective method of using standard off-the-shelf LCD and plasma TVs in industrial environments is available in the guise of an LCD enclosure.

These inexpensive 'TV cabinets' are mostly manufactured from mild or stainless steel and are sealed to recommended European and International Guidelines (IP65/NEMA 4 - National Electrical Manufacturers Association) for industrial enclosures. These LCD enclosures not only protect from all the hazardous elements present in some industrial areas but the also act as entire environments for the LCD screens containing both heating and cooling systems to ensure the optimum working temperature.

Richard N Williams is a technical author and a specialist in the digital advertising industry helping to develop PC enclosures and computer, printer and touch screen enclosures for all environments. Please visit us for more information about an LCD enclosure or other industrial computer solutions.

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Minggu, 31 Mei 2009

Accessories from Indonesia

There are many accessories made by people from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Yogyakarta is a capital city located in Java Island. See the pictures as the examples of Yogyakarta's accessories...

The above picture is an example of necklace made in Yogyakarta.

This is an example of bracelet made in Yogyakarta.
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Do you care with The Poor People?

"Good luck..." It is a simple sentence people usually mention to others. But it is not easier for some persons to get their success. Many reasons why there are many poor people in the world.

There is a work and an opportunity for everyone. Some people can get much although they only work slowly. Meanwhile, others have to work hard to reach what they want. Unfortunately, there are many people who do not receive anything they need for life even they have worked very hard. All of these depend on the opportunity.

Those who have chances to have whatever they need for lives with less efforts should consider the unlucky people. Many things can be planned to help poor people... Read more further...

Minggu, 24 Mei 2009

Mind Map for My Brain

Have you ever heard about MIND MAP? There are many books describing what the MIND MAP means and how the implementation of it.

Generally, MIND MAP relates to the human's brain. The shape of MIND MAP is such a picture of how the human's brain works. MIND MAP is a tool for a person to learn something based on how his or her brain can understand and remember it.

People usually open a map to know the direction where they are going to. Like a map, MIND MAP can help the person who made it get the right information which has already been saved in his or her brain. Therefore, MIND MAP can be used whenever the owner needs it to recall information in his or her mind.

MIND MAP is a masterpiece for the owner.

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Kamis, 21 Mei 2009

Staying in Comfort Zone vs Being Nomads

Nothing's wrong to share experience for getting a better even the best career.

Talking about COMFORT ZONE and NOMADS can bring to the ideas how to make decisions on career.

People search for lives where everything goes smoothly according to whatever they want. Unfortunately, many problems always seem to disturb their lives. They cannot avoid problems. They can only solve or minimize the problems.

That's why, when people get the opportunity to live in better ways, they will mostly have the feeling to stay on that conditions as long as they can. It is reasonable if they follow the feeling because they might not want to loose the COMFORT ZONE and rely themselves on any other unpredictable matters.

On the other hand, there are extraordinary people who can easily bring their lives to any uncertain situations. They live the same way that the NOMADS do. They are ready to move from place to place.

For those who prefer having career in one work place should try to enter the best company. Being parts of the best company can give them the chance to live in COMFORT ZONE. And for the NOMADS, it is still possible to build career although they have to reach it with special efforts.

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